Central Baptist Church Center, Texas
These are the Sunday School lessons, and the messages that have been preached in the pulpit of Central Baptist Church in Center, Texas.

Am I doing the will of God?  The Word of God shows us what the will of God is. 2 Peter 3:9

I. Salvation - Repentance is a change of mind. Matthew 7:21

II. Sanctification - Being set apart begins in your heart. 1 Thessalonians 4:3; 2 Corinthians 6:14; Romans 12:2

III. Service Romans 12:1-2; Ephesians 2:10

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Joseph did not live in the limelight, but he was faithful. 

Joseph was a just man; he kept himself for marriage. Luke 3:23

God gave directives to the husband.

Joseph was looked down on in society because people thought he was the father of Jesus out of wedlock. Luke 3:23; 2:4

Joseph let God lead him.

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1. I have fought a good fight.

2. I have finished my course.

3. I have kept the faith.

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I. Acknowledge your sin. v. 3

II. Confess your sin. - Confess the sin to God.  Tell your authorities - parents, pastor, etc.

III. Trust that God has forgiven you.

- This does not mean that there will not be any consequences for your sin.

IV. Seek after the truth. v. 6

- We blow it because we get away from the Bible.

V. Live the Christian life the way God intends it to be lived.

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Many have Christ "on" them but not "in" them.

Romans 8:1-2; 12:5; 16:3; 1 Corinthians 15:22

I. I have a fresh start. 2 Corinthians 5:17

II. I have a forgotten past. Jeremiah 31:34

III. I have a forever salvation. John 10:27

The evidence of a true believer - who are you following?

IV. I have a forgiving Savior. John 4:7-29

V. I have a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. Proverbs 18:24; Romans 8:35-39

VI. I have a foundation to stand on. Deuteronomy 32:4

He brought us up, sets us up, and tunes us up.

VII. I have a final authority. John 1:1

VIII. I have a financial supply. Philippians 4:19

IX. I have a Father's will.

X. I have a fantastic sight to behold one day.

XI. I have a ferocious foe.

XII. I have a future home prepared.

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Jesus knew what was coming, but He did not despair.  He still tried to encourage others.

1. Jesus was present with them.

2. Jesus promised to go prepare a place.

3. Jesus said He would come again.

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1. Josiah used his head. He listened to the law and learned.

2. Josiah used his heart. His heart was touched.

3. Josiah used his hands. He put it into action.

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Biblical praise never focuses on the one doing the praise but on the Lord.

Biblical praise is the recognition of who God is and what God does.

Genesis 29:31-35

1. It takes your eyes off of your trouble and puts your eyes on God.

2. It helps to defeat the enemy. 2 Chronicles 20:1-23

3. It reminds us that God is with us. 1 Chronicles 15:24; Psalm 24:1-10

4. It encourages us to dwell in the center. Exodus 28:15-24; Revelation 4:1-3

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I. Wonderful - takes the dullness away

II. Counsellor - takes the decisions away

III. The Mighty God - takes demands away

IV. Everlasting Father - takes care of all of the dimensions in our life

V. Prince of Peace - takes care of distress

Jesus is the Name above all names!

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I. Does the tithe apply to us today?

   A. Genesis 14:20 - Before the law, they were tithing.

   B. Matthew 23:20 - It is sanctioned by Christ.

II. What is the purpose of the tithe?

   A. It teaches us to fear God.

   B. It supports the church and ministires.

   Deuteronomy 14:22; Malachi 3:5

III. To whom should the tithe be given? The local church Malachi 3:10

IV. When should a person tithe? At the next church service 1 Corinthians 16:2

V. Does your tithe apply to more than money? Luke 11:42; Proverbs 3:9

VI. Should you tithe if you are in debt? Yes! Matthew 6:33

We must be obedient to God's commands. Malachi 3:11; Luke 6:38


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James 4:7; John 10:10

I. Don't give the devil certain people in your life.

- Be sure your children are fellowshipping with the right people.

- Amnon's friend persuaded him to do wrong.

- Many people fall because of wrong friends.

II. Don't give the devil certain provisions in your life.

- Die to the flesh daily.

- We need a transformed tongue.

III. Don't give the devil certain places in your life.

A. Eve

- When things seem to be too good to be true, they usually are.  Watch out for smooth talkers!

B. David - He tarried. He "hung out." 1 Corinthians 7:29

C. Joseph - He fled from a dangerous situation.

IV. Don't give the devil permission to determine your future.

We need counsel. Matthew 4:8

Respect your parents.

Submit yourselves to God. Matthew 4:10

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I. Lot - Lot is a type of the carnal Christian. People probably questioned his Christianity.

Lot was in good company - Abraham.

A. Lot propsered with Abraham.

B. Lot paired up with Abraham.

C. Lot parted from Abraham.

D. Lot pitched his tent toward Sodom.

E. Lot propsered in Sodom for a season.

F. The predicted doom of Sodom

G. Lot preached to his children, but he seemed as one who mocked.

H. The passing of Lot's wife - She looked back and turned into a pillar of salt.

Lot ended up in a cave committing incest with his two daughters.

II. The prodigal son

A. He developed an attitude - "Give it to me now!"

B. He left. - He departed to a far country.

C. He lost his inheritance with riotous living.

D. He labored with the pigs.

III. Moses Exodus 3:10

A. He was protected by God when he was born.

B. He was provided for by Pharaoh's daughter and his own mother.

C. He protected a Hebrew by killing an Egyptian.

D. He was picked by God to lead Israel after forty years as a fugitive.

E. He is permanently listed in Hebrews 11 in the hall of faith.

IV. The rich man

A. He was constantly reminded of his position by a beggar.

B. He was constantly reminded that he needed to repent.

C. After his death, he cried out for mercy from hell.

They all got to where they were because they made a choice.

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I. Eve got what she wanted, but it resulted in sorrow in childbirth, cursed ground, thorns, sweat, etc. Genesis 3:1-19

II. Lot got Sodom, but he lost his family. His wife looked back. Gensis 13; 19:14, 37-38

The most dangerous Christian is one who straddles the fence.

III. Dinah got to see the world, but she ended up defiled. Genesis 34:1

Dinah was Jacob's daughter; she probably grew up with restrictions.

defile: to make dirty or foul, polluted, violated

IV. Achan got a garment, silver, and gold; but he and his family lost their lives. Joshua 7:21

V. Elimelech got what he wanted, but he lost his life and his sons' lives.

VI. Ananias and Sapphira kept their finances, but they lost their lives.

VII. David got the flesh he wanted, but the sword never departed from his house. 2 Samuel 12; Proverbs 6:32

VIII. Amnon got what he wanted, but he got killed because of it.

Those who will cheat with you will cheat on you.

The best things are worth waiting for.

IX. The prodigal son wanted the world, but he found himself in the pigpen.

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December 7, 1941

September 11, 2001

infamy: a total loss of reputation; a complete disgrace

I. The day of public dismissal from the Garden of Eden Genesis 3:23-24

II. The day of public disgrace in David's life 2 Samuel 12:9-12

- We must die to the flesh daily.

- The scars of sin remain even after sin has been confessed and forgiven.

III. A day of public denial Matthew 26:69-75

A. Public

B. Profane

C. Prophetically

IV. A day of public departure Matthew 26:36-56; John 6:66

V. A day of public doom Revelation 20:11

A. Testimony

B. Throwing away

VI. A day of public deliverance Phil. 2:7; Isaiah 53

We found grace through His disgrace.

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The most important thing a Christian has is a Bible.

The most important thing for a lost person is a Christian's testimony.

The world is watching you.  What we do is so important.

Children look to their parents and will follow them.

I. Get up. Proverbs 6:9

Jonah had to be woken up.

II. Show up.  Ecclesiastes 3:17

Be early. - You will show up early when it is something you want to do.

III. Hurry up. Colossians 3:23

When you finish your work, look for other things to do.

IV. Shut up. Proverbs 14:23

A. Don't talk negatively about how much you earn.

B. When scolded, take it.

C. Don't complain.

V. Grow up. 1 Corinthians 13:11; Ecclesiastes 9:10

Don't waste your boss's time.

Get your hands out of your pockets.

VI. Push up.

VII. Move up. Proverbs 12:24

Your work ethic reflects what you think of God.

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